Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Update Required to Continue: Copyright Laws in the Internet Era

I believe this is the fundamental code: if you're not making money off of it, you do not need to pay for the right to remix it. If somebody wants to make a parody spoof or a remix of a media, but does not make a profit of it, they should not have to pay a fee If it is just for the purpose of entertainment or education, then there is no stealing. If an aspiring musician or hobbyist wants to make an EDM remix of "Drunk In Love" by Beyonce, and share it on Soundcloud or another networking site just for the purpose of sharing and networking, then that remixer should not have to pay a fee to Universal Records or Beyonce. 

With the infinite "piracy" constantly happening and how easy it is to do, laws and companies need to be updated and made clear to everybody. My idea is that there is a where one registers their media and that's that. People can go onto that site and learn what their rights are as content creators.

Broadcast television is irrelevant now. It is obviously clear now that HBO is gutting their broadcast network and switching to an online streaming source. Game of Thrones was the most pirated show last year. Why? It is one of the most popular series but is legally accessible to around a quarter of its viewers. If you want a subscription to HBO GO, you need a subcritptfion to HBO. Most people don't have an HBO subscription because it's expensive and the majority of people don't have broadcast tv! HBO is now going to make soooo much more money because now the majority will get an HBO account, along with their Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon subscriptions.

I am a huge fan of American Horror Story. I watched the first three seasons on Netflix and was excited to watch the fourth season as it aired. But wait, the latest episodes are not available on Hulu Plus or Amazon the day after. Not a problem, I'll just go to a free-streaming "pirate" site and watch it for free online. I am happily willing to pay for subscriptions to those sites, but I will go on a free streaming site to watch the content I want to watch. It's what I did for Game of Thrones and it's what I am doing currently for True Detective.

With how easy it is to get free and illegal content, networks need to make their content easily and inexpensively accessible. Otherwise we'll go the other sites that are easy to use and virus free. No harm to us. 

1) Do whatever you want with the media as long as there is no profit being made, but make sure to cite the original.

2) Request to purchase a copyright fee for the media you want sampled/used with the intention to make a profit
That's it. Simple as that. 

If an artist wants to make a remix of my film, do it, as long as they cite that I am the original creator. Creativity comes from inspiration and what others have done before. Creators should be limited to what they can create because of out of date laws. I believe that if someone wants to create new art for the sake of art and not profit, create it as long as it is known where the original or sample came from. It's a sign of respect for their fellow artists and their integrity.

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