Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mashin' Up Family Guy

I decided to mash up two different episodes of Family Guy in a script. The two episodes are Saving Private Brian (S05 EP04) and McStroke (S06 EP05). These two episodes mash together well because they have two completely separate stories. I had to write the script myself, since they aren't on the internet - not these specific episodes at least. The dialogue is not my own, nor the original plot, but I created a new episode with original action and I changed some characters and situations for the newly mashed plot. Writing the script was a tiring process, I had to dictate word-for-word and action-for-action from the episode to the page. I had to pause the video every minute or so to write it down. I then translated it all into an actual screenplay and rearranged and "mashed' the episodes together.

Family Guy Mashup Script

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